How to Choose Your Cake

Choosing a design for any cake can be a daunting task with all of the different styles and decorating techniques out there, but we can help you with that. We want you to know that you are not limited to the designs you see in our pictures. If you see designs elsewhere that you like, we can modify it to meet your needs. If you like multiple techniques, we can combine them. We have come up with some things to think about when choosing your cake. Hopefully these tips can help you with your decisions. We have also provided a list of terminology HERE so we're all speaking the same language.

  • You do not have to choose a "cookie cutter" cake design, if fact, we encourage you to not do so. We want your cake to be personal, something we design with you, for you.
  • You can add or reduce the number of tiers to fit the number of servings needed.
  • You can choose designs in any color you like, not just the one pictured.
  • Some of our favorite cakes have each tier decorated differently, or a couple alternating designs between the tiers. If you can't choose between multiple designs/decorating techniques, we can help you design a cake that includes everything you like.
  • You can get familiar with different design techniques HERE.

Cake decorating is an art and each cake is personalized. We take pride in everything we do and do not send out a creation that is below our standards. Some designs are much more time consuming and take more expertise than others, so they will cost more. You may be able to find cheaper cakes out there, but the price will be reflected in the quality.


Cake and Filling Flavors

Decorating Examples